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Pneumatic Collar Type Machine With Multihead Load Cell

Model No. FP-503
Products Granules
Weight Head Nos. 10 Head,14 Head
Type of seal Center Seal & back seal
Packing Material Heat Sealable Laminated Films
Filling range 5gm to 2000 gms (Depend upon nature of product)
Power Consumption 4 Kw
Compressed Air 13 CFM@6 Bar (5.H.P. Compressor)
Production Out Put 20-70 pouches/ minute(Depend nature of product)
Touch Screen 10.4'' Colour Display with Touch screen
Material Of Chasis 304 Stainless Steel
Thickness Of Bucket 1.2mm plain S.S. 304
Weight 900 Kgs (Approx.)
Machine Size L: 2900mm, W: 2100mm, H: 3660mm (Approx.)