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Auger Filling Machine by Flexo Pack

Auger Filling Machines have been designed to fill in dry ingredients which have grain size or powder like consistency, for example flour, sugar or spices. It comprises of a hopper that is shaped in the form of a cone that holds the mix and throws it in the pouch with the help of an auger screw which is moderated by an agitator.

 In some cases, an Auger Filler Machine can also perform the task of a depositor for damp products like pastes and cooked food. One of the best advantages of such machine is that it has arrangements that are closed on all ends making it a perfect choice for fine powders like talcs, baking soda and flour that are incline to get stuck in the systems. Such machines also have the ability to fill high rates in equivalence to net weight fillers and, occupy minimum space.

No doubt the mechanism of the machine is its USP and Flexo Pack has been successfully manufacturing standard to custom-made accessories or tools to give maximum output. They are made for easy applications, reliable and built-to-last. We design semi-automatic Auger Filler Machines that provide ultimate operating convenience and dependable service. The automated ones are economical and, offer best solutions for various kinds of product filling needs.